Best Volleyball Shoes For Flat Feet

7 Best Volleyball Shoes For Flat Feet

Players with flat feet might need more cushioning than what standard volleyball shoes offer, especially to absorb the shocks of frequent jumps and landings. Regular volleyball shoes may not address overpronation, increasing injury risk.

I have shared my personal opinion about the selection of shoes for flat feet people at the end of this article. So keep reading the entire article.

My Top Selection!

When looking for volleyball shoes best suited for flat feet, it’s essential to focus on features like arch support, cushioning, stability, and overall comfort. Here’s a list of the most recommended volleyball shoes that might be suitable for players with flat feet.

Best Volleyball Shoes for flat feet

The Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6 is one of Mizuno’s flagship models for volleyball. It has been constructed with technology that seeks to balance both cushioning and stability.

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The Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6 is constructed with Wave technology. It provides both cushioning and stability to the players of flat feet. The Wave plate extends a degree of arch support, which can be beneficial for those with flat feet.

The outsole of the Wave Lightning Z6 is designed for excellent grip on indoor courts, ensuring that players can move confidently. The shoe’s design emphasizes stability, especially for lateral movements. This is crucial for flat-footed players who often require extra stability due to the absence of a pronounced arch in their feet.

With its engineered mesh, the shoe offers good ventilation, ensuring comfort during extended play. The shoe is designed to be lightweight, which can be advantageous as it won’t add unnecessary strain to flat feet during movement and jumps.

Ideal For:

  • Players who frequently jump and land, a common action in volleyball.
  • Those with normal to high arch structures.
  • Indoor court surfaces.

Less Ideal For:

  • Players on a tight budget might find them a bit pricey.
  • Those who wear these shoes on rough surfaces.

If you want complete features required for flat feet players, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 is an excellent option.

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The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 is a good option for flat footed volleyball players to consider. Uses Brooks’ DNA LOFT cushioning through the midsole which provides softness and shock absorption without losing responsiveness. This is good for flat feet that need extra cushioning.

The segmented crash pad of the shoe helps absorb impact and provide smooth heel-to-toe transitions. The adjustable saddle construction in the midfoot allows the players a customize fit for narrow or wider flat feet.

The outsole uses blown rubber strategically placed in high-impact areas for added durability and traction.

The stability, cushioning and adjustability features of the Adrenaline GTS 22 provides comfort, support and impact protection that flat feet players often need.

Ideal For:

  • Those who need moderate to severe overpronation control.

Not Ideal For:

  • Those who don’t need a lot of motion control.

Being a setter, if you want to play a healthy game. The ASICS Sky Elite FF Mid Top is overall one of the best shoe to play volleyball.

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One of the standout features of the Sky Elite FF is ASICS’s FlyteFoam technology, which offers lightweight and responsive cushioning. This technology can be especially beneficial for flat-footed players as it provides adequate shock absorption without adding weight.

The shoe is designed with an ortholite sockliner, which provides maximum degree of arch support.

The Sky Elite FF is designed with a specialized sole that provides excellent grip on indoor courts, essential for the quick and lateral movements in volleyball.

The shoe incorporates TRUSSTIC SYSTEM technology which reduces the weight of the sole unit. This feature provides stability to the players. With mesh inlays, the shoe offers good breathability, ensuring comfort during extended play.

In conclusion, the ASICS Sky Elite FF, with its range of advanced features, appears to be a strong contender for volleyball players, including those with flat feet.

Ideal for:

  • Players wanting a mid-cut height for extra ankle support and stability.
  • Those wanting ample cushioning from the FlyteFoam midsole.
  • Athletes needing a breathable shoe with the mesh upper.

Less Ideal For:

  • Players who prefer a low-cut shoe for maximum ankle mobility.
  • Athletes wanting a shoe solely designed for volleyball movements.
  • Players needing durability for intense outdoor use.

Colorful Look

Adidas Dame 7

Adidas Dame 7 is although designed as a basketball shoe, however, it is also useful in playing volleyball game. The shoe has features which are required to the flat feet player.

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The Dame 7 features Adidas’s Lightstrike cushioning. The shoe is lightweight and has responsive attributes. This can be beneficial for flat-footed individuals who need extra cushioning to compensate for their lack of natural arch.

The shoe tends to be high-tops, which provides ankle support. This can be advantageous in volleyball, especially during jumps and quick lateral movements. So much so, the shoe provides excellent traction which is essential for the players of flat feet.

The shoe has been designed for professional players. Overall, the Adidas Dame 7 provides features beneficial for volleyball players with flat feet.

Ideal For:

  • Athletes needing containment and support from the upper mesh and internal heel counter.
  • Quick guards who appreciate the lightweight feel.
  • Versatile players who go from the court to the streets.
  • Those wanting modern styling and several colorway options.

Less ideal for:

  • Those needing ample ankle coverage and mobility restriction.
  • Bigger post players desiring a bulkier, heavily-cushioned shoe.
  • Outdoor courts where durability is a priority.

The Under Armour Highlight Ace 2.0 is a high-top volleyball shoe, which is an excellent option for the volleyball flat feet players.

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The UA Highlight Ace 2.0 has an external TPU heel counter for stability and support, which is helpful for flat feet that overpronate. The molded 4D Foam footbed molds to your foot for custom fit and comfort. The shoe has been designed for lateral movements and traction needed in volleyball.

The Highlight Ace 2.0 has good cushioning. The wide fit can work for some flat footed volleyball players.

The shoe has capability for shock absorption. It is a lightweight shoe having excellent grip on indoor court. All these features have made this shoe a best wear for the flat feet players.

Ideal for:

  • Players wanting lightweight cushioning from the Micro G foam.
  • Athletes needing medial and lateral support from the external heel counter.
  • Those looking for traction from the solid rubber outsole.
  • People appreciating the seamless one-piece upper design.

Less ideal for:

  • Those wanting a heavily cushioned or plush feel.
  • Athletes needing a wider fit option.
  • Individuals wanting a low-cut shoe for maximum ankle freedom.

Colorful Impact

ASICS Gel-Challenger 12

The ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 12 Clay is designed primarily for tennis play. However, the shoe has certain features, which may make it suitable for flat-footed volleyball players.

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The shoe incorporates ASICS’s GEL technology, which is known for its shock absorption and cushioning properties. This feature can be beneficial for flat-footed individuals, who often benefit from enhanced cushioning.

The shoe offers a reasonable level of arch support to cater to the lateral movements and quick changes of direction. The “Clay” in the shoe’s name indicates it’s designed for grip on clay tennis courts.

The Gel-Challenger 12 provides stability and flexibility to the players of flat feet. Overall, the ASICS Gel-Challenger 12 Clay has certain features that could be beneficial for flat-footed volleyball players.

Ideal for:

  • Athletes wanting lateral support from the Trusstic system.
  • Those needing durability for hardcore use on abrasive courts.
  • People wanting traction optimized for quick stops and turns.

Less ideal for:

  • Those desiring a super lightweight or minimalist tennis shoe.
  • Individuals with wide feet that require a wider toe box.

Best of Budget

Nike Hyperace 2

The Nike Hyperace 2 is designed specifically for volleyball, making it inherently more aligned with the demands of the sport.

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The Nike Hyperace 2, being a volleyball-specific shoe, is more likely to cater to the requirements of volleyball players, including those with flat feet, compared to shoes designed for other sports.

Normally, for the players of flat-feet, the personal comfort and fit are paramount, so it’s advisable to try them in person and, if possible, during actual play before making a final decision. If extra arch support is needed, consider pairing the shoe with custom orthotics.

Ideal for:

  • Players wanting lightweight responsiveness from the full-length Zoom Air unit.
  • Athletes needing containment from the inner sleeve construction.
  • Those appreciating flexibility and court feel from the minimal upper.
  • People seeking traction optimized for indoor volleyball courts.

Not ideal for:

  • Players who prefer a higher cut shoe for maximum ankle coverage.
  • Bigger athletes wanting a more stable, structured upper.
  • Outdoor use where durability is a priority.

Final Conclusion

The Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6 is exclusively a best choice for the flat feet players. Although some people consider it at a high price point, but it’s excellent features will never waste your money. Perhaps less people know about the exceptional features of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22. I recommend you to try this shoe, positively.

The players who need maximum degree of arch support, the ASICS Sky Elite FlyteFoam Mid Top is best for them. The Adidas Dame 7 is the choice of professional players, who need extra cushioning. Next comes, the Under Armour Highlight Ace 2.0, which TPU heel counter provides support and stability to the flat feet. The ASICS Gel-Challenger 12 is best for enhanced cushioning.

Key things to look for in volleyball shoes For flat feet:

Earlier I’d written about my selection of shoes for wide feet people. However, there are certain things, which need extra caution about the selection of best volleyball shoes for flat feet. These are as under: –

1- Arch Support

The first feature which you should look at, is the arch area. Shoes should have features to provide support under the arch area, such as a contoured/removable footbed, supportive midsole technology, or medial post. This helps reduce strain on flat feet.

2- Cushioning

Cushioning is also important for the players of flat feet. Extra cushioning, especially in the rear and forefoot areas, helps absorb shock and impact for flat feet. Look for shoes with gel, foam or air cushion systems.

3- Stability

Elements like external heel counters, torsion bars and wide bases help control excess motion associated with overpronation in flat feet.

4- Fit

Shoes must fit snugly and accommodate any orthotics if needed. Wide sizes may be required for flat feet.

5- Motion Control

Features like medial posts, straight last constructions, and anti-pronation guidance systems help control the inward rolling motion caused by flat feet.

6- Outsole

Durable rubber with a traction pattern suitable for indoor court surfaces provides good grip for changing directions.

7- Weight

Lighter shoes are important for quick maneuvers and jumps on the volleyball court. But stability is also vital.

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