Best Volleyball Shoes For Wide Feet

7 Best Volleyball Shoes For Wide Feet

Right footwear in any game has vital importance. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, the comfort and proper fitting of your shoe can create an excellent impact on your performance in the game.

In the volleyball game, it has been noticed that the players are of wide feet normally. This is not an issue at all! Some people think that finding the perfect pair for wide feet is challenging and crucial.

After thorough research and dialogues with professional players having wide feet, I have found some outstanding top-rated shoes for you.

My Personal Experience with Wide Feet Shoes

Choosing volleyball shoes for wide feet may be a big task. However, it is recommended that while purchasing any volleyball shoe, you should first consider the proper size. Other factors like material used in construction including breathability and adequate cushioning are also important.

One minor critical aspect that can bother you while purchasing the volleyball shoes for wide feet is the width. Ensure that the shoes provide adequate room without causing friction or discomfort.

So without wasting time, let’s know about selection of the volleyball shoes for wide feet.

Best Volleyball Shoes for Wide Feet

Top Pick
ASICS Sky Elite FF
  • Rubber sole
  • Brand Size: 4 to 18
  • GEL technology
  • Solution dye sockliner
Runner up
Mizuno Men’s Wave Lightning Z6 Mid
  • Size: 7 to 17
  • Color: White-navy
  • Rubber sole
  • Lightweight
ASICS Women’s Gel-Furtherup
  • Size: 7 to 11
  • Color: Black, White
  • Rubber Sole
  • GEL Technology
Mizuno Momentum 2 Unisex
  • Multi Color
  • Size: Available
  • Foam sole
  • Dura Shield
Mizuno Men’s Wave Momentum Mid Indoor Court Shoe
  • Color: Black Silver
  • Size: 7 to 17
  • Imported Rubber Sole
  • Booty Construction
Mizuno Men’s Wave Momentum Indoor Court Shoe
  • Size: Available
  • Color: High Risk Red-grey
  • Imported Rubber Sole
  • 100% Synthetic
LI-NING All City Wade Men Cushioning Basketball Shoes
  • Color: 
  • All City 9 V2 Sky Blue Abar
  • Size: Available
  • Imported Rubber Sole

ASICS Sky Elite FF Volleyball Shoes

The ‘ASICS Sky Elite FlyteFoam shoes’ have all the key features volleyball players need. It’s an excellent choice for those volleyball players who are passionate for playing volleyball and want to accelerate their performance on the court.

The Sky Elites has all the features which one desire, such as , comfortable fit and feel, lightweight and breathable materials, good cushioning and shock absorption. So far as my personal experience to this shoe is concerned, I found this at serial # 1 of my best volleyball shoes for wide feet list. I have shared the features of this shoe to my ex-colleagues of volleyball and other players, who also endorsed my words. This is the best shoe I ever recommend to you guys!

ASICS Volleyball Shoes

What is Good?

  • Excellent shock absorption.
  • Improved stability during side-to-side movements.
  • Highly responsive cushioning.

What is Bad?

  • Slightly heavier than other models.
  • Limited color options.
Our Verdict
I personally found this shoe very dynamic and highly suitable for wide feet. This is our top pick.

Mizuno Men’s Wave Lightning Z6 Mid Volleyball Shoe

Mizuno Men's Wave Lightning Z6 Mid Volleyball Shoe

Mizuno Men’s Wave Lightning Z6 Volleyball Shoe will always remain one of my top choices. This shoe is outstanding for wide feet volleyball players. It will not only provide you comfort but also make you ready for the quick moves on the court.

The important thing to note here is that the shoe is available for both men and women in the market. For the women, the ‘Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Z6 Volley ball Shoe’ is a best choice.

What is Good?

  • Lightweight and breathable design.
  • Excellent traction and agility on the court.
  • Enhanced stability and balance with Wave Technology.

What is Bad?

  • May run small, consider ordering half or a full size up.

The mesh upper of the shoe is breathable and flexible so you can move easily. Mizuno’s Wave technology gives cushion and stability for top play. The D-flex groove allows fast speed and direction changes. The sole is outrigger, which maintains excellent balance.

One thing to note is, these shoes may run small, so order a half or full size up. Also give them time to break-in for maximum comfort.

A few people said the sole durability could be better, however, overall it has excellent pick for wide feet players. You will enjoy after using it.

Our Verdict
I personally found this shoe versatile and comfortable for wide feet. This is runner up in our list.

ASICS Women’s Gel-Furtherup Volleyball Shoes

ASICS Women's Gel-Furtherup Volleyball Shoes

The choice of the wise people who want to play for a long time. The ‘ASICS Gel-Furtherup Volleyball Shoes’ will not only support your wide feet but also keep you comfortable during the entire game.

What is Good?

  • Lightweight with Synthetic leather and mesh upper.
  • GEL Technology for shock absorption.
  • Made with Trusstic System Technology and lateral wrap-up construction.

What is Bad?

  • Some users may find them slightly rigid.

The ASICS Gel-Furtherup shoes are designed to support wide feet. The leather and mesh upper is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. GEL technology cushions feet and absorbs shock from landings and stops.

The shoe has capability to protect feet and joints from any injury during the game. It is made up with unique features like the Trusstic System and lateral wrap-up construction. One thing to note is some wearers find the toe box too narrow. Also, the shoes may feel stiff at first so break them in.

Our Verdict
This shoe is made up with excellent material. Highly recommended for wide feet. I consider this shoe at No.3 in my list.

Mizuno Momentum 2 Unisex Volleyball Shoe

Mizuno Volleyball Shoe

Having versatile look with exceptional qualities, the ‘Mizuno Momentum 2 Unisex Volleyball Shoe’ is one of my top choice. I recently got the opportunity to try this shoe, and I am confident that this shoe will not disappoint you at all. Very useful for those players who have wide feet, seeking comfort and stability during the game.

What is Good?

  • Inside foam for versatile cushioning and resilience.
  • Dura Shield provide toe protection.
  • Comfortable, having maximum stability.

What is Bad?

  • Limited Color Options.
  • Relatively High Price Point.
  • Slightly heavy.

Despite providing comfort and cushioning the feet, the inside foam helps in enhancing the performance of the players and give extra edge during the game.

The shoe has the Dura Shield, which provide maximum protection to the toe. Very helpful against the floor friction. The ‘DynamotionFit Bootie construction’ not only gives a snug fit but also allows maximum stability and luxury comfort.

Some people report that ‘The Mizuno Momentum 2’ is available at a high price, which does not meet everyone’s budget. However, with its stylish look and long-lasting commitment with your wide feet, it should be purchased. It’s performance-enhancing features make it well worth the investment if you’re serious about your game.

Our Verdict
This shoe versatile cushioning. The shoe has reasonable price to purchase. I consider this shoe at No.4 in my list.

Mizuno Men’s Wave Momentum Mid Indoor Court Shoe

Mizuno Men's Wave Momentum Mid Indoor Court Shoe

The giant shoe with elite comfort and new super design, the ‘Mizuno Men’s Wave Momentum Mid Indoor Court Shoe’ is one of my best choice. Very comfortable for wide feet of middle-blockers. It has excellent grip and floor traction with XG Rubber. The Dura Shield technology gives extra protection to the toe from any injury.

What is Good?

  • Snug fit and elite comfort.
  • Excellent grip with XG Rubber.
  • Dura Shield Technology.

What is Bad?

  • Slightly higher price point compared to other brands.
  • Limited color options available.

The ‘Mizuno Wave Momentum shoes’ fit wide feet well. The snug 3-layer upper design feels secure but not too tight. Your wide feet have plenty of room and feel like the shoes were custom-made.

Mizuno’s Wave technology plates give great cushioning and stability. The XG Rubber sole also supplies excellent grip on the court.

A couple small drawbacks are: the higher price and break-in time needed. Even otherwise, it is a top quality shoe worth investing in.

Our Verdict
This shoe has elite comfort for wide feet.

Mizuno Men’s Wave Momentum Indoor Court Shoe

Mizuno Men's Wave Momentum Indoor Court Shoe

The ‘Mizuno Men’s Wave Momentum Indoor Court Shoe’ is as good as ‘Mizuno Men’s Wave Momentum Mid Indoor Court Shoe’. Excellent choice for the players having wide feet. Provide maximum support and comfort to the players during the game. It’s exceptional qualities make the players able to stand on the court for a long time.

What is Good?

  • 100% Synthetic material has been used in construction.
  • Bootie construction with a no-sew upper for a snug fit.
  • Wave technology provides support and stability.

What is Bad?

  • Limited Color Options.
  • Pricey compared to other alternatives.

I remember when this shoes graced my feet. I wore the shoes during my training session of volleyball. Surprisingly, I spent more than three hours there but felt no fatigue or pain in my feet. The shoe features are very outstanding, as it contains 100% synthetic upper and bootie-construction. This makes the shoes very lightweight yet secure fitting. Mizuno’s Wave technology gives top-notch support that responds well to hard cuts and jumps.

However, there are some potential drawbacks also, i.e. the Color choices are limited. They are on the pricey side.

Our Verdict
If you are looking for lightweight and long-lasting shoe which is available at a reasonable price, then go for it.

LI-NING All City Shoes

The ‘LI-NING All City Shoes’ offer a combination of all these critical features, making them an ideal choice for volleyball players.

LI-NING All City Wade Cushioning Basketball Shoes

The Li-Ning All City shoes are great versatile options for outside hitters, setters, and libero’s. They have a low-profile feel that’s excellent for passing and digging. But the responsive cushioning also enhances agility during play. The impact protection is decent for players who jump a lot.

The All City shoes also have a very cool, stylish look! An extra plus is many players report these shoes fit wider feet really well. So whether you need shoes for passing, setting, hitting or all-around play, the Li-Ning All City 9s and 10s are an excellent choice. They combine great court feel, agility, protection and wide fit.

What is Good?

  • Excellent cushioning technology for shock absorption.
  • Durable, anti-slip rubber sole for enhanced grip.
  • Unique, stylish design with functional strap system

What is Bad?

  • Little bit higher price compared to other brands.
Our Verdict
If you opt for stylish look, this shoe is for you.

Buying Guide for Volleyball Shoes

When looking for the best volleyball shoes for wide feet, there are several factors to consider to make sure you choose the right product. In this buying guide, we will discuss the features to look for and how to choose the best volleyball shoes for your wide feet.

Comfort and Fit

It’s important to prioritize comfort and fit when selecting volleyball shoes for wide feet. Look for shoes with a wide toe box and a snug but not restrictive fit. Ensure there’s enough room for your toes to spread out and move comfortably during play. You might also consider a shoe with a slightly stretchy upper material, as this can adapt better to the shape of your foot.

Cushioning and Support

Good cushioning and support are essential for volleyball shoes, as this sport involves a lot of jumping and quick, agile movements. Look for shoes with ample cushioning in the midsole, particularly in the heel and forefoot regions, to help absorb impact and reduce stress on the joints. Additionally, consider shoes with features like a shank or a TPU plate, which can provide extra support and stability during lateral movements.


Volleyball requires quick and precise movements on the court, so having a shoe with excellent traction is essential. Look for shoes with a non-marking rubber outsole and a multidirectional tread pattern. This will help provide grip on various surfaces and allow you to make quick, confident movements during play.


It’s important for volleyball shoes to be breathable to keep your feet cool and dry during intense games. Look for shoes with mesh or other breathable materials, which will allow for better airflow and help to prevent overheating and discomfort.


Lastly, consider the durability of the volleyball shoe. Investing in a well-made shoe with high-quality materials will ensure it lasts throughout the season and provides continued support and performance. Look for features like reinforced stitching, high-quality rubber outsoles, and durable upper materials.

By keeping these features and considerations in mind, you can confidently choose the best volleyball shoes for your wide feet, ensuring optimal performance and comfort on the court.

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