Average male volleyball player height

Average Male Volleyball Player Height

It is true that height can offer certain advantages in the volleyball. However, it is not an absolute requirement for success in that sport. Tall players do have some inherent advantages in the volleyball. Their height can make it easier for them to block shots at the net, spike the ball with more power and reach over the net to interfere with the opponent’s plays.

The question that often comes to mind is whether tall height is a prerequisite to give exceptional performance in the game.

Are Volleyball Players Tall?

Volleyball values a combination of skills and attributes in its players. Height is one of these attributes, however it is not the sole factor to determine for becoming a good player. Undoubtedly, the tall players have advantages in the volleyball sport. Their heights help them to block shots and spike the ball forcefully on the court.

The net height requires for the men in volleyball is 2.43 meters (7 feet 11 5/8 inches). However, for the women, it is 2.24 meters (7 feet 4 1/4 inches). Taller players may find it easier to clear the net. These heights are ideal for attacking and defending.

A successful team comprises the players with diverse strengths and abilities. The height of the volleyball players contributes a lot in playing. The long height can be taken as the part of skill set. Volleyball is an inclusive sport where individuals of varying heights can excel on the court.

What is the average height in volleyball?

As per Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) rules, the average height of a male volleyball player is 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 meters). This height is taken as ideal for optimal performance in the sport.

The other factor to determine the height is the level of the play. When you are competing nationally or internationally, the average height should be a bit taller than the general population.

It is not uncommon to see players of 6 feet 6 inches (198 cm) to 6 feet 8 inches (203 cm) range in men’s volleyball. In Women volleyball match, the athletes should be around 6 feet (183 cm) or slightly above. However, in the college volleyball, the players often fall within the same height range as their professional counterparts.

Can a 5’7″ Male Play Volleyball?

A 5’7″ male can most certainly play volleyball. It is true that volleyball is a sport where some players are notably tall. The height is not the sole determinant of success in the game. In fact, the short height players can bring a unique set of skills and advantages to the court.

A player who is 5’7″ may not have the same reach as someone significantly taller but they can compensate for it with speed and quick reflexes. Shorter players often excel in areas such as digging, setting and serve reception. They can be nimble on their feet, which make it easier to move around the court.

What is the average height in volleyball for females?

Normally, the height of a female volleyball player should be within the range of 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters) to 6 feet (1.83 meters). The female volleyball players tend to be slightly shorter than their male counterparts.

At the professional and international levels, it is advantageous that the height of female volleyball players should be taller to the general population. In college volleyball, the players generally have similar heights, despite the fact that there’s some variation. The intense nature of the game always prefer that the players should be long in their heights.

Volleyball Players with Long Height

Here are some most famous male volleyball players who have dominated the sport with their long height.

1- Matey Kaziyski

Matey Kaziyski having height of 6ft 9in (or 206 cm) is considered one of the tallest players in the volleyball game. He has played for European clubs and for Bulgaria in multiple international tournaments. His long height gives him an advantage not only in blocking and spiking but also makes him a formidable presence on the court.

2- Dmitriy Muserskiy

The Russian volleyball player is standing at an impressive height of 7ft 2in (218 cm). He is truly considered as a giant on the court. He is considered as the key player for both the national team and clubs in the Europe. He is known for his powerful spikes and intimidating blocks. His height makes him a dominant force at the net.

3- Gyorgy Grozer

Gyorgy Gorzer belongs to the German Cuban teams. He possesses height of 6ft 11in (or 210 cm). He has played for the clubs in the Europe and represented the Germany and Cuba in the international competitions. He is known for his powerful spikes and precise serves, which make him a key player on any team.

4- Wilfredo Leon

Wilfredo Leon stands at an incredible height of 6ft 8in (or 203 cm). He has played for the clubs in the Europe and has also represented Poland in international competitions. He is young volleyball player who still has many years ahead to continue dominating the sport.

5- Wallace de Souza

The Brazilian volleyball player Wallace de Souza possesses height of 6ft 6in (or 198 cm). His height is still considered impressive in the sport. He is known for his athleticism and powerful spikes. William has played for top Brazilian and European clubs and has also represented Brazil in international competitions.

Volleyball Players with Low Height

There are some male volleyball players who have shorter stature. One such player is Iranian-born Milad Ebadipour, who stands at only 6 feet tall. Ebadipour has made a name for himself as one of the best outside hitters in the world. He has been a key player on the Iranian national team. He contributed in the multiple victories while qualifying for the Olympics twice.

Another notable name is that of Yuriy Gladyr from Ukraine. He possesses height of 6’3″. Gladyr may not be considered short by average standards but in the professional volleyball, the player should reach the height of over 7 feet. He is considered to be on the shorter side. Despite this, Gladyr has managed to carve out a successful career as an outside hitter.

Next player who truly stands out among the rest is American David Lee. He is standing at only 6’8″. Lee may not be the shortest player on this list, but as compare to many of his counterparts, he is considered to be vertically challenged.

Female Volleyball Players with long height

One of the most famous female volleyball player with a long height is Logan Tom. She stands at an impressive height of 6’1”. She has been playing professionally since 2000 and competed in multiple Olympic Games. Tom has won silver and bronze medals in many volleyball competitions. She is known for her incredible jumping abilities and powerful spikes.

Another notable player is Tijana Boskovic. She possess height of 6’4”. She is considered one of the best female volleyball players in the world. Tijana has won numerous accolades including multiple MVP awards. Boskovic’s height gives her an advantage in terms of blocking and attacking, which make her a key player on any team she plays for.

The Success of Short Female Volleyball Players

For the professional athletes, the height is one of the first characteristics that comes to mind. However, in the volleyball, this perception does not always hold true. In fact, some of the most successful female volleyball players have been on the shorter side.

Defying Stereotypes and Setting Records

One prime example is the legendary volleyball player Paula Weishoff, who played for the US Women’s National Team from 1983 to 1998. She stood height only 5’11”. Weishoff was known for her powerful spikes and impressive blocking skills. She helped lead the US team to several international victories, which include a silver medal at the 1984 Olympics and bronze medals in 1992 and 1996. Weishoff’s success on the court shattered the stereotype that taller players are always better in volleyball.

One notable example of American volleyball player and Olympic gold medalist is April Ross. She stands at only 6’1″. This may seem tall to the average person, however it is considered a short for a professional volleyball player.

Another rising star in the sport is the Brazilian player Natalia Pereira who possess height of 6’0″. Despite her short height, she has proven her skill and dominance on the court.

Can We Play Volleyball with a Short Height?

Yes, volleyball can be played by individuals of different heights. It is not a prerequisite for playing the sport with tall height. With the right skills and determination, the players of all heights can enjoy and excel in the volleyball.

Nutshell of the discussion is that, the short height can be an advantageous for the players. It allows for better agility and quick movements on the court. Ultimately, the dedication and hard work put into training and improving one’s skills. Overall, whether you are tall or short, the male or female, can play and enjoy the sport of volleyball.

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