Best Volleyball Ankle Braces for Players

Best Volleyball Ankle Braces for Players: Top 7 Picks

Ankle injuries are an all too common occurrence in volleyball, abruptly ending the thrill of competition. But preventative measures can help players stay on the court. Ankle braces designed for the demands of volleyball provide customizable support, stability and comfort. We’ve analyzed the top performing ankle braces to keep you hitting, setting, blocking and digging throughout the season.

Best Volleyball Ankle Braces for Players

With its demands for blazing speed, vertical leaps, and pivots in all directions, volleyball puts players’ ankles to an intense test on every play.

With such demanding actions, the risk of ankle injuries is quite common among volleyball players. Ankle braces play a crucial role in providing support, stability, and protection to the ankle joint, helping players prevent injuries and enhance their performance on the court.

Importance of Ankle Braces in Volleyball

Did you know that ankle injuries account for approximately 40% of all volleyball-related injuries? That’s a significant number! But how do ankle braces help? Picture this: Ankle braces act as your ankles’ bodyguards, adding an extra layer of support and protection while you leap, spike, and block. They provide stability, prevent overextension, and most importantly, keep you in the game.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Ankle Brace

Before diving into the best ankle braces available, it’s essential to understand the factors to consider when making your selection. These key considerations will ensure that you find the perfect brace that suits your specific needs and requirements.

Support and Stability

The primary purpose of an ankle brace is to offer support and stability to the ankle during rigorous volleyball activities. Look for braces with reinforced stabilizers and straps that provide a secure fit without restricting movement.

Comfort and Fit

An uncomfortable brace can be a distraction during gameplay. Opt for a brace made from breathable materials with padding that ensures a snug, comfortable fit.

Material and Durability

The durability of the ankle brace is crucial for long-lasting performance. High-quality materials ensure that the brace can withstand the demands of volleyball without losing its supportive properties.

Flexibility and Range of Motion

A good ankle brace should not hinder your natural range of motion. Seek braces with a balance between support and flexibility, allowing you to move freely on the court.

Size and Adjustability

Choosing the right size is vital for effective support. Look for braces with adjustable straps that allow you to customize the fit according to your ankle size.

Lets see some top ankle braces in volleyball.

Our first choice is,

1 – Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace


  • Plastic material
  • Specifically used for sprain
  • Used for ankle
  • Size ranges from small to large
  • Protection level is high.
  • Side to side mobility is medium.
  • Forward/reverse mobility is maximum
  • comfort level is medium

The T2 ankle brace is our top choice for volleyball players, loved for its classic design and exceptional performance. It’s specially crafted to keep front and back row players safe during lateral movements, jumping, landing, and those intense under-the-net situations.

2 – Ultra Zoom® Brace for Injury PREVENTION & RECOVERY


  • Plastic material
  • Used for Ankle Injury Recovery, Ankle Injury Prevention, Ankle Sprain
  • Flexible Performathane material
  • Support level is medium to high.
  • Replaceable parts available.
  • Hinged-cuff design
  • Mobility is maximum
  • Helps restrict twisting and tuning.

No matter what type of volleyball player you are, this design is a perfect fit for all. Enjoy the benefits of this versatile and accommodating ankle brace, regardless of your playing style or position on the court.

3 – Mizuno DXS2 Left Ankle Brace


  • Polyester/Nylon/Rubber material
  • Only hand wash
  • Imported
  • D.F. Cut for greater freedom of movement
  • Stability and support from 3 different belts: V-shaped, under-heel and Anchored Wrap
  • Measure circumference of ankle 1-Inch above ankle bone
  • Optional side support inserts for increased lateral stability

Those who have experienced fewer than 5 ankle sprains throughout their lifetime will find these braces to be an excellent choice, especially for younger athletes with generally healthy ankles.

Individuals who value comfort or have previously tried alternative braces but found them uncomfortable will appreciate these braces, as they are notably quicker to adapt to compared to other options.

4 – Z ATHLETICS Zenith Ankle Brace


  • Neoprene and nylon material
  • Used for Sprain, Tendinitis
  • Accurate fit. The lace allows freedom of tightness.
  • Support brace provides full contoured protection with figure 8 straps.
  • Quality fabrics and materials ensures comfort.
  • Double stitched material ensures durability.

It is good for any type of volleyball player. The design is a perfect fit for all.

Zenith’s ankle brace offers lasting support, crafted with the end user in mind from high-quality nylon and neoprene. Say goodbye to ankle pain caused by sprains and tendonitis, as the brace aids in healing and preventing sports-related injuries without limiting movement. Unlike traditional ankle sleeves, this adjustable brace lets you customize the level of support for maximum comfort.

5 – Ultra High-5 Ankle Brace


  • Made of semi rigid plastic
  • Used for ankle sprains, ankle injuries, ankle instability, twisted ankles
  • Support level is moderate.
  • Helps restrict twisting and turning.
  • Hinged-cuff design.
  • Mobility is maximum.
  • Reduces weight bearing pain.

einforce and recover unstable ankles with the Ultra High-5 – a feather-light, super-strong ankle brace that offers ultimate comfort and mobility. Quick and easy to use, it provides a solid foundation with every step, making it the Official Ankle Brace of USA VOLLEYBALL. Available in various sizes, suitable for both right and left ankles, and sold individually.

If you are on a budget, then it is not ideal for you.

6 – Active Ankle Eclipse II Ankle Brace


  • Rigid Stabilizer for Protection
  • Used for Ankle Sprain
  • Solid U-shaped rigid brace
  • Protection level is high.
  • Side to side mobility is medium.
  • Forward/reverse mobility is maximum.
  • Comfort level is medium.
  • Helps restrict twisting and tuning.

The Eclipse II ankle brace, slightly larger than the T2, offers a more secure fit with its two velcro straps. Ideal for middle blockers, who engage in numerous jumps per game, and also a reliable choice for hitters with a history of ankle injuries. While it takes a bit longer to put on, the added protection makes those few extra seconds worthwhile.

This brace is good for hitters but it is not good for back row players because of its bulkiness. Back row players have low risk of injury, so they do not need larger braces.

7 – Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace


  • Breathable neoprene material
  • Used for Ankle Support, Plantar Fasciitis
  • Durable, Strong Velcro straps, and Lightweight. Semi-rigid brace
  • Adjustable compression and comfort related to plantar fasciitis.
  • Ankle Support Brace is extremely flexible.
  • Decreased muscle fatigue and increased muscle warmth.

One size fits both feet, up to 11″ in feet arch circumference. Provides ankle protection, minimizes injury risk, and offers relief from chronic and acute ankle injuries, including plantar fasciitis. The open heel design allows for a wide range of motion during activities while supporting ankle tendons and joints. Perfect for indoor and outdoor sports that strain ankles. Made of breathable neoprene material, it retains heat, prevents skin irritation, and is comfortable, flexible, durable, and washable.

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