Best Volleyball Shoes For Hitters

9 Best Volleyball Shoes For Hitters (Outsides, Middles, Opposites)

Volleyball is considered a worldwide game. In Volleyball, the players assume different positions on the court. Some act as setters, libero, defense specialist and others are outside hitters, middle hitters, opposite hitters etc. These different positions on the volleyball court call for specific skills and movements.

Out of these positions, the hitters play an essential role on the court. They must move quickly to maintain stability during aggressive attacks. During the game, the hitters execute high jumps to hit the ball and to throw positively towards the opponents. To do this exercise, they must remain comfortable and conscious so that they do not meet with any footwear injury.

My Top Selection

I met with different hitters who are very concerned about selecting the right shoe. Although it’s a difficult task for them to find out an appropriate shoe but don’t worry, I handed down a list of volleyball shoes that are best for the hitters. These shoes will provide support to the feet of the hitters, cushioning them and allow a sound grip.

9 Best Volleyball Shoes For Hitters

adidas Crazyflight Mid

The “Adidas crazyflight Mid” can be the best choice for hitters because they spend a lot of time in the air during the game. The shoes will provide excellent support and bounces to the players.

The shoes are lightweight, available with a unique design, that will attract the hitters. One top quality of the shoes is the use of Primegreen materials, with 50% of the upper made from recycled content in its construction.

Certainly, there is a one point to consider before purchasing these shoes, i.e. the toe box is slightly narrow, which may not suit the people with wider feet.

The ‘Adidas Crazyflight Mid’ shoes are available for both men and women.

ColorWhite & Black
Size5 to 15
FittingOrder Usual Size

What is Good?

  • Mid-cut design for ankle support.
  • Lightweight mesh upper for breathability.
  • Cloud foam midsole cushioning.
  • Rubber outsole with traction pattern.
  • Designed for indoor court play.
  • True to size fit.

What is Bad?

  • Slightly narrow toe box.
  • The plantilla was also a bit rigid.

ASICS Upcourt 5

The ‘ASICS Upcourt 5 Volleyball Shoes’ are excellent option for the hitters. The lightweight construction of the shoes provide flexibility to the hitters. The supportive midfoot panels provide smoothness to the players during the game. So much so, the shoes also help them to take multiple movements on the court. I believe that the shoes will develop confidence in the hitters and allow them to make quick jumps and sprints.

The primary feature of the shoe is that, it counters the toe and heel of the players from any injury and helps them to play for a long time. However, I have found one minor issue; the shoe tends to have a slightly narrow fit.

Despite all the above, the ‘ASICS Upcourt 5 Volleyball Shoes’ allow a good balance of performance, especially for the hitters. It is no doubt a reliable option for the players.

The ASICS Upcourt 5 Volleyball Shoesare available for both men and women.

ColorMulti Colors
Size6 to 15
MaterialSynthetic leather and mesh upper
FittingOrder Usual Size

What is Good?

  • Lightweight Design.
  • Supportive midfoot panels.
  • Durable toe and heel counter.
  • Trusstic and rearfoot GEL system provide stability
  • True to size fit

What is Bad?

  • Slightly narrow fit.
  • Short shoelace length.

adidas Court Team Bounce

The ‘Adidas Court Team Bounce’ is a top-performing indoor volleyball shoe. It has been constructed with BOUNCE technology.

It was specially constructed for the hitters. It’s lightweight mesh upper material and snug fit allow the feet to stay well-ventilated during the game. The full-length bounce midsole absorbs shock from each landing and saves the joints from unnecessary stress.

The additional feature of the shoe is that it is made using Primegreen, i.e. a series of high-performance recycled materials. This means that 50% of the shoe’s upper is constructed with recycled material with no virgin mix polyester.

The minor issue which has been reported is its size. Some people found the shoes tighter than expected. These shoes are designed specifically for indoor play, not outdoor games.

The ‘Adidas Court Team Bounce’ shoes are available for both men and women.

ColorBlack, White, Silver & Metallic
Size5 to 15
MaterialHigh quality recycled material
FittingTrue to fit size

What is Good?

  • Excellent cushioning with Bounce midsole.
  • Breathable and sock-like fit.
  • Environmentally conscious with Primegreen materials.
  • Provides good support and stability.
  • Outsole has excellent grip on indoor courts.

What is Bad?

  • May run tight for some wearers.
  • Not suitable for outdoor use.

ASICS Upcourt 5

The ‘ASICS Upcourt 5 Volleyball Shoe’ is an impressive article, especially for hitters. It guarantees comfortable fit and support to the feet. The shoe comprises mesh paneling sheet coupled with protective mid-foot overlays. This exceptional quality ensures breathability to the hitters and gives them stability during the game.

Another remarkable shoe quality is the reinforcement on the toe and heel, which is countered with durable panels. It helps the players to withstand on the court for a long time. The rubber sole provides excellent grip and prevents the hitters from unwanted slips and injuries.

The minor issue with the shoe may occur in its size. It is preferable to order a half or full-size up. Furthermore, the shoelaces are short, which might be replaced with longer ones.

The ‘ASICS Women’s Upcourt 5 Volleyball Shoes’ are wise choice for outside, middle and opposite hitters. You can avail maximum qualities like comfort, flexibility and stability in this footwear.

The ‘Adidas Upcourt 5’ shoes are available for both men and women.

ColorBlack/Pure Silver
Size5 to 13
MaterialMesh Panels
FittingTrue to size, Excellent grip

What is Good?

  • Good flexibility and comfortable fit.
  • Supportive overlays for improved stability.
  • Durable toe and heel counter panels.

What is Bad?

  • Shoelaces are short.

ASICS Gel-Tactic Indoor Sport

The ‘ASICS Gel-Tactic shoes’ are ideal for volleyball players who want comfort and stability when playing. In testing, the GEL cushioning absorbed shock very well, allowing for soft landings and smooth movements. The ‘Trusstic System technology’ reduces the weight of the shoe. However, the sizing runs small so ordering a half-size up is recommended. Also, some may find the color options limited, and players wanting a low-profile design may prefer other shoes.

The ‘Asics Gel-Tactic Indoor Sport’ shoes are available for both men and women.

Size6 to 14
MaterialGel Technology
FittingRuns half size small, size up

What is Good?

  • Excellent shock absorption with GEL technology.
  • Lightweight design with Trusstic System technology.
  • Great support for abrupt landings and smoother transitions.
  • Synthetic leather and mesh upper.
  • Designed for indoor court sports

What is Bad?

  • May need to order half a size larger
  • Limited color options

ASICS Gel-Rocket 10

The ‘ASICS Gel-Rocket 10 volleyball shoes’ is constructed with the GEL technology. The shoe is specially made for the hitters in the volleyball. It will protect the feet and provide a comfortable feel during the intense play.

A flexible upper allows for natural foot movement and agility on the court, while synthetic leather overlays in the forefoot provide extra support for quick cuts and sprints.

The TRUSSTIC midsole enhances stability during fast transitions, and the heel wrap-up and outrigger offer side-to-side support. The shoes have a wide landing area for smooth landings. They are not made for pickleball and may slip on some floors. But they provide comfort, flexibility and stability for volleyball.

The ‘ASICS Gel-Rocket 10 volleyball shoes’ are available for both men and women.

ColorWhite/Pure Gold
Size4 to 15
MaterialTrusstic System technology
FittingTrue to size fit.

What is Good?

  • Superior cushioning with GEL technology.
  • Flexible and supportive upper construction.
  • Enhanced stability with TRUSSTIC application.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • AHAR rubber outsole for grip.

What is Bad?

  • May be tight for some.
  • Not specifically designed for pickleball players.

Core Volleyball Shoes

The ‘Core Volleyball Shoes’ is lightweight, comfortable, and versatile for not just volleyball but other indoor sports like badminton and squash too. The flexible design will enhance the movements of the hitters during the play. The breathable upper will keep the feet cool and dry even during intense activity.

One issue was the sizing – they run small, so size up at least a half size up. Overall, the shoes are adequate for casual play.

The ‘Core Volleyball Shoes’ are available for both men and women.

SizeMen: 7 to 12
Women: 8.5 to 13.5
MaterialEva midsole for cushioning
FittingTrue to size fit.

What is Good?

  • Lightweight indoor court shoes.
  • Mesh upper provides breathability.
  • EVA midsole absorbs shock.
  • Rubber outsole ideal for indoor gripping.
  • True to size fit.
  • Budget-friendly price.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.

What is Bad?

  • Sizing runs small.

ASICS Gel-Furtherup Volleyball Shoes

The ‘ASICS Gel-Furtherup shoes’ are the great option for hitters. The primary quality of the shoe is that, it is lightweight. Further, the shoe has been constructed with synthetic leather. The mesh upper of the shoe provides breathability to the hitters. The exceptional features of the shoe will improve the performance of the hitters on the court.

Another excellent feature of the shoe is that ‘The GEL technology’ has been used that absorbs shock during landings. The outsole’s TRUSSTIC and wrap-up construction improve stability for quick cuts and transitions.

The best quality I will appreciate is that, the shoe provides good grip to the hitters on the court. However, some may find the shoe stiff at first before breaking in. The color options are also limited, and those with wide feet may experience discomfort.

The ‘ASICS Gel-Furtherup shoes’ are available for both men and women.

Size6 to 15
MaterialSynthetic Leather, GEL Technology
FittingTrue to size.

What is Good?

  • Volleyball shoe with rearfoot GEL cushioning.
  • NC rubber outsole and Trusstic technology.
  • I.G.S enhances foot’s natural gait.
  • Synthetic leather upper for support.
  • True to size.

What is Bad?

  • Some users may find the shoe slightly stiff.
  • Limited color options.
  • May cause discomfort for those with wide feet.

adidas Men’s Crazyflight Cross Trainer 8

The ‘adidas Men’s Crazyflight Cross Trainer 8 shoes’ are great for volleyball hitters. The lightweight stretch mesh upper is snug yet breathable, keeping our feet comfy during play.

The real winner is the Boost midsole – it returns energy with each step, letting us keep jumping and moving without fatigue. The fusion of energy capsules in the midsole gives a noticeable boost on the court.

The Top Grip rubber outsole also stood out, providing awesome traction on any indoor flooring so we could change direction quickly and confidently. Size-wise, they do run small so be sure to go up a half or full size. And like many white shoes, they can get dirty fast.

The ‘adidas Men’s Crazyflight Cross Trainer 8 shoes’ are available for both men and women.

Size4 to 14.5
Material100% Textile-Synthetic
FittingTrue to size.

What is Good?

  • Cross trainer shoe suitable for indoor sports
  • Cloud foam cushioning provides comfort
  • Rubber outsole ideal for indoor traction
  • Textile upper offers breathability
  • True to size

What is Bad?

  • May run slightly small
  • Mostly white upper may show dirt easily

Buying Guide

When selecting volleyball shoes as a hitter, focus on comfort, fit, traction, stability, breathability, weight, and durability.

Comfort & Fit

Look for cushioned insoles, arch support, and a snug yet flexible fit that accommodates your foot width and allows free movement.

Traction & Grip

Prioritize shoes with grippy rubber or synthetic outsoles and traction patterns to enable quick changes of direction on court.

Stability & Support

Seeking stability features like reinforced uppers, ankle support, and lateral support will prevent injury and boost agile play.


Mesh or perforated uppers will provide ventilation to keep feet cool and dry during intense play.


Lightweight shoes improve jumping power and on-court agility. But ensure they still have adequate cushioning and support.


Durable construction like reinforced stitching and sturdy uppers will withstand game wear and tear.


The right volleyball shoes will have the optimal blend of comfort, traction, support, breathability, weight, and durability to maximize your performance as a hitter.

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