5 Best Volleyball Shoes For Setters

5 Best Volleyball Shoes For Setters

Setters in volleyball hold a crucial position. They are often considered as the primary playmakers of the team. Given their significant role, selecting the right footwear is paramount for them. The shoes providing features like stability, cushioning and grip are ideal for the setters.

I have given my review about selection of volleyball shoes for setters at the end of this article. So read the entire article for better understanding.

Best Volleyball Shoes For Setters

I have shortlisted the top 5 volleyball shoes for setters. I am confident that these selections will greatly benefit setters during matches. These shoes stand out because I did not compromise on any feature that wasn’t suitable for setters.

Being a setter, if you want to play a healthy game. The ASICS Sky Elite FF Mid Top is overall one of the best shoe to play volleyball.

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The mid-top design of the shoe provides ankle support to the players, which is necessary for quick lateral movements on the court. This can be especially beneficial for setters who are ready for diving for sharp balls on the court.

It’s advanced midsole technology offers lightweight cushioning and shock absorption. The shoe provides excellent traction, which is necessary for the setters, so that they may not be slipped on the court.

The ASICS Sky Elite is a breathable shoe, which keeps the feet of the players cool and dry as possible. This quality minimize the risk of blisters.

Ideal For:

  • Designed for volleyball players, so best suited for those playing volleyball competitively or recreationally.
  • The players looking for comfort and speed on the court.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes, so can accommodate most foot sizes for male volleyball players.
  • The synthetic leather upper is durable and supportive while allowing flexibility in the forefoot for movement.

Less Ideal For:

  • The players who want to wear the shoes all the day.
  • The players who prefer a low-top shoe.

Good for Settors

Nike React Hyperset

The react cushioning, good traction and supportive fit makes the Nike React Hyperset an appealing choice for the setters.

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The Nike React Hyperset shoe contains React foam, which offers a responsive feel. For setters, this quality is very beneficial, as they have to jump and take multiple movements on the court.

The shoe has been designed with multi-directional traction pattern, which makes the setters to take easy turns. The breathable design of the shoe ensures that the feet remain ventilated. This quality reduces the risk of excessive sweating and blisters.

The Nike React provides support to the setters along with snug fit, which is surely helpful for them.

Ideal for:

  • Players who want lightweight support.
  • Cushioning seekers – The full-length React foam midsole provides soft and responsive impact protection.
  • Indoor court players – The rubber outsole with herringbone pattern is designed to grip and pivot on indoor volleyball and basketball courts.

Less ideal for:

  • Outdoor court players – The outsole may not provide sufficient durability or traction optimally designed for outdoor surfaces.
  • Runners – The thicker midsole and wider base is less suitable for straightforward running motions compared to dedicated running shoes.

Colorful Impact

ASICS Gel-Rocket 11

If you have low budget and want to play serious volleyball, then the ASICS Gel-Rocket 11 Volleyball shoes are the best option for setters.

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The Gel-Rocket 11 features ASICS’ signature gel cushioning system in the forefoot. The shoe provides good shock absorption. This is beneficial for the setters who want to take quick jumps and movements on the court.

It’s gum rubber outsole gives excellent grip on the indoor court. The shoe has been designed to offer stability in the lateral movements to the setters.

The shoe is breathable, which keeps the feet cool and dry, according to the situation.

The Gel-Rocket 11 is a budget-friendly shoe, making it an attractive option for players looking for good performance without breaking the bank.

Ideal For:

  • Indoor Court Sports Players.
  • The setters who are budget-conscious.
  • Players Prioritizing Comfort and Stability.

Less Ideal For:

  • Outdoor Players: The Gel-Rocket 11 is designed for indoor courts. Players who frequently play outdoors might want to consider shoes designed for those surfaces.
  • Players with Specific Foot Issues.

Good Budget Shoe

ASICS Upcourt 5

I personally like the Upcourt 5 shoes. It looks that the shoes have been designed especially for the setters. The shape of the shoe is itself appealing, creating long-lasting impression upon the players.

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The Upcourt 5 uses ASICS’ FlyteFoam technology provides responsive cushioning, so that would likely be beneficial for the setters. The shoe has a gum rubber outsole which generally provides decent traction on indoor courts.

The shoes provide support and good grip to the feet, which are helpful to the setters. The Upcourt 5 has a pretty standard weight, not exceptionally light or heavy. Overall the Upcourt 5 can be the excellent choice for the volleyball setters.

Ideal For:

  • The shoes are suitable for indoor court use.
  • Cross Training.
  • The reasonable price point and versatility helps new athletes before investing in specialized shoes later.

Less Ideal For:

  • For long distance running or outdoor field sports.
  • The mid-cut design also provides less ankle support than high tops.

The Mizuno Wave Momentum is considered as one of the best shoe for the setters. It’s midsole wave technology provides cushioning to absorb impact.

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The eye-catching design, good traction, cushioning and comfort make the Mizuno Wave Momentum a very solid shoe choice for volleyball setters, who need quickness and maneuverability during the play. It provides a good balance of support and mobility.

The Wave Momentum has Mizuno’s Wave midsole technology which provides good cushioning to absorb impact. This could benefit setters who are constantly moving and landing during gameplay.

The shoe has a lightweight, low-to-the-ground profile which allows setters to move quickly and dynamically to get to balls. It also provides stability during rapid changes in direction.

The rubber outsole uses Mizuno’s D-Flex groove which allows for smooth transitions and secure footing. Good traction is essential for setters to play effectively. It’s breathable mesh upper and Dynamotion Fit technology in the forefoot provide a comfortable, secure fit. Comfort is key since setters are always on the move.

Here is an analysis of who the Mizuno Men’s Wave Momentum volleyball shoes would be ideal versus not ideal for:

Ideal for:

  • Volleyball players – They are designed specifically for the quick lateral movements and jumping of volleyball with features like traction, cushioning and support.
  • Indoor court play – The rubber outsole and traction pattern are made to grip and allow pivoting on indoor hard court surfaces. Not ideal for outdoor/beach play.
  • Medium/normal arch feet – They provide a decent amount of arch support for medium arches. Not ideal for flat feet or high arches.

Less ideal for:

  • Running/cross-training – The volleyball-specific outsole does not have ideal traction or flexibility for straightforward running motions.
  • Outdoor court play – Lacks the durability and multi-surface traction needed for outdoor turf or beach courts.
  • Wide feet – They run narrow so may not accommodate wide foot widths.

Final Words

Since I have selected the excellent shoes for the setters keeping in view their features and budget also, as such, I am in perplex now as to which article I recommend you the most. In simple words, the ASICS Sky Elite FlyteFoam Mid Top shoes should be your first priority to purchase. Next comes, Nike React Hyperset, which I personally like because of its stylish look. The ASICS Gel-Rocket 11 is an excellent addition in the ASICS series, which are best for the setters. The ASICS Upcourt 5 have similar qualities as to the ASICS Gel-Rocket 11. The Mizuno Wave Momentum has entire features, which setters want during the game.

what setters should look for in a volleyball shoe?

Earlier I had discussed about the best shoes for liberos. They are in need of thin sole shoes having good traction.

Similarly, when I compiled the article regarding best shoes for hitters, I told that the hitters should wear the shoes which are excellent in shock absorption.

However, the case is of setters is different from the aforesaid two types of players. To choose the shoes for setters, following things should be kept in mind: –

  1. Grip & Traction: The sole should offer good grip to prevent slipping on the court.
  2. Support: The shoe should provide solid ankle support to prevent injuries during quick movements.
  3. Lightweight: Setters need to move quickly, so a lightweight shoe is essential.
  4. Flexibility: The shoe should bend easily for quick direction changes.
  5. Breathability: Ventilation is key to keep the feet dry and comfortable.
  6. Cushioning: Adequate padding helps in landing softly after jumps.
  7. Durability: Given the sport’s demands, durable shoes save money in the long run.

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